Emerson Rides a Blue Bike by Julius Thompson

The Mysterious Humming Sound!

Enjoy and feel free to leave comments: Comments/Critiques, are characters believable? This Sixth novel will be published in 2024.

Emerson Macy peddled harder and his two thighs moved like two agitated misfiring car pistons as he motored around the Laurel Mist sub-division. Sweat dripped from his forehead on the cement–leaving wet spots.

The constant humming rang in his ears as the mysterious sound made its daily blasts across the sub-division. Some people could hear the sound and some could not. He kept peddling harder and harder searching for the source of the sound as he made tight turns onto Autumn Drive, then spring road and finally Winter Lane.

Emerson learned that when the eerie sound became deafening, he would toot his bicycle horn and the volume of the humming noise lowered and brought release to his ears. He glanced behind him and his posse of Jamba Balwa on a green bike, Andrew Bullis on his orange ride and Arnaldo Morales on his purple bike created a rainbow following his blue bike.

“Slow down Emerson, “Arnaldo yelled.

“Never, keep up or go home!”

As Emerson peddled down Winter Lane, Shivers O’Neal, Shaky Barnes and Button Jones stood behind a pile of rocks and pelted Emmy and his posse. They dodged the rocks and Emmy released one hand from the handle-bar and gave Shivers and his crew a middle finger salute yelling, “Your Mama.”

Emerson stared off into the distance, toward the Atlanta skyline, and saw clouds forming around Stone Mountain. Gradually as the sound became silent, the clouds disappeared!

Stone Mountain seems to be the command/control of the mysterious sounds from outcrops of granite breaking the surface at various locations in Gwinnett and Dekalb and as far south in Dekalb as Arabia Mountain national park.

Emerson and his friends were on call talking to each other about the mysterious sound that was infecting the Laurel Mist sub-division.

“Emerson you know your brother and some of us in The Mist kept hearing that sound. I told him not to go alone,” Jamba said.

“Tommy was always a loner, and he didn’t want anybody else to get hurt.”

“Have they found any clue about your brothers where abouts?”


“That is so strange.”

“I know, and Jamba I am going to find out myself.”

“Emmy, your mother has given you strict orders not to pursue your missing brother.”

“I am nineteen and I can do what I want.”

“Soon, I am going to look for him. I remember we were laying in bed and that noise kept us awake. Nobody believed us.”

“Emmy, be smart.”

“Jamba, get the guys together at the retention pond and I want to talk to everybody.”


“As soon as you can!”

“I will call you back.”

Emmy clicked the button and put the cellphone down.

It was late, around ten, when he closed his eyes and the sound reverberated in his ears. He put his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Emmy thought about his brother and how he was headed to Stone Mountain, the largest granite mountain in the world. He had a hunch the sound was eminating from inside the giant rock.

Now , Emmy and his crew was going to trace his brothers last steps—but they wanted to come back alive. He drifted into an interrupted sleep and knew that tomorrow was going to be an eventful Saturday in the life of Emmy, Jamba and the rest of the Laurel Mist gang.

Emerson and his crew peddled down Highway 78 toward Stone Mountain. He looked up at the granite edifice.

He swallowed hard.

Stone Mountain’s elevation is 1, 683 tall at the summit with a base circumference of 3.8 miles. Stone Mountain is an imposing feature in the otherwise even terrain of Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties, Georgia.

The infamous confederate carvings on the face of Stone Mountain is a memorial to a trio of Southern generals and their horses: Jefferson Davis on Blackjack, Robert E Lee on Traveler and Stonewall Jackson on LIttle Sorrel. Seems as if missing slaves ertr being trampled under the foot of these generals.

The loud sound coming from the mountain seems like a cry of anguish from behind the cavings, as tall as nine-story building, from the anguish of oppression. The defamed front of the mountain is the world’s largest piece of exposed granite. By calculated “guestimate”, Stone Mountain weighs more than one-trillion pounds.

Emerson remembered all these facts from the social studies class at Grayson High.

Jamba yelled, “Emerson.” Which brought him back to reality!