Thompson On… “Accepting Criticism” and joining a Writer’s Group!

Writing Tip: Join a local critique or writers’ group.

Find the right Writer’s Group!

You, the author, cannot be covered in a thin skin if you expect to reach your goal of creating the very best book for publication. You must accept the criticism of others! Every word should be challenged and kept in your book only if it advances the storyline. I don’t care how creative or pretty, if it doesn’t work: don’t keep it. You can save those words for a later book. The same can be said for scenes and dialogue.

I am in the process of writing my fifth novel, Killer Kudzu, and a weekly visit to a critique group will make this book better. It’s like going to the doctor for a checkup. Sometimes the medicine, criticism, doesn’t taste good.
Writers’ groups can help you:
1. Find mistakes of logic, omission and other common errors.
2. Are your words impactful and the descriptions effective?
3. Evaluation includes constructive criticism.
4. Inspiration and motivation when you are feeling un-creative.
5. Information on ides for your book, publication and marketing
Writing Tip: Join a local critique or writers’ group. It’s lifeline for improvement in your novel.
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