Julius Thompson’s Novel Featured In CCNY Magazine

A Brownstone In Brooklyn reviewed in Alumnus Magazine.

Shepard Hall on City College Of New York Campus in Harlem, New York!

Julius Thompson’s novel, A Brownstone In Brownstone, was featured in The City College of New York’s Spring Alumnus Magazine along with the works of Walter Mosley, Gerald Eskanazi, David Kushner, Gerald Chatanow and Bernard Schwartz and other CCNY graduates. Julius Thompson is a PROUD 1969 graduate of CCNY!!!

A Brownstone In Brooklyn chronicles the life-altering events that shape the future of Andy Michael Pilgrim, a young man growing up in the turbulent sixties. This novel provided a nice look into New York City during a historic time of change.

Thompson pens crisp and clear sentences that provides vivid imagery. It reveals a first hand account of someone who did experience that time in New York City during the race riots. It shows how far America has come in healing the past’s wounds.

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